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Candidate for the elections for mayor of Paris, Benjamin Griveaux threw in the towel following the dissemination of an intimate video. For Pierre Ménès, who draws a parallel with the Saïd Chabane affair, all this becomes unbearable.

The football world had no connection with Benjamin Griveaux, La République en Marche candidate for mayor of Paris, the latter having clearly recognized that he was not really a fan of football and Paris Saint-Germain. But Pierre Ménès still believes that the unpacking done on the private life of Benjamin Griveaux looks a bit like the recent affair of Saïd Chabane, the president of SCO Angers, accused of sexual harassment by several young women employees of the Angevin club. Faced with criticism from those who reminded him that one could not compare a case where a man is accused of crimes and that of a politician who throws in the towel when he is not accused of anything, if not he has a light attitude, Pierre Ménès has defended having mixed everything up.

Because for the consultant of Canal +, it is especially the way which is similar. " All blows are therefore allowed. As with President Chabane, the presumption of innocence has been sacrificed on the altar of social media judges. It's more than unpleasant it's scandalous (…) Please stop taking me for a stupid I know very well that Griveaux is not accused of anything. But on arrival the result is the same "Said via Twitter, Pierre Ménès, who experienced an outburst of the same style following accusations by a former assistant during the end of the year celebrations.

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