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Hailed by the IMF, the good results recorded by Lomé should be consolidated by the National Development Plan (PND) in March 2019.

Less than five months before the end of the agreement with the IMF for the disbursement of $ 238 million, the country's macroeconomic indicators are green. "Togo has come a long way, and its economic trajectory is now on the right track", estimated the experts of the Fund during the last program review in December.

Even if the continuation of the latter has not yet been agreed between the two parties, the results obtained are already appreciable, in particular in fiscal and budgetary matters. "Right after the elections, the new government will begin discussions with the IMF to conclude a new program, promises Sani Yaya, the Minister of Economy and Finance. Our economy has enormous financing needs, even though we have to respond to pressing social demand. "

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