The killer coronavirus “could affect 60% of the world population” according to an expert - SANTE PLUS MAG

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Now named Covid-19, the coronavirus crossed the 1000 death mark on Tuesday February 11 with more than 1113 deaths in China and more than 44.650 confirmed cases. According to'WHO, the increase in cases of transmission outside the country could herald a further spread of the epidemic, despite the cessation of many flights to mainland China and the measures adopted by different countries to restrict access to travelers from there . Given the magnitude of the phenomenon, some experts are concerned about its evolution. Professor Gabriel Leung, head of the public health department at the University of Hong Kong estimates that the coronavirus “could affect 60% of the world population” if it is not controlled. Comments collected by the British media The Guardian and relayed by Sudinfo, BFMTV and New York Post.

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