The Ministry of Youth and Civic Education offers 300 scholarships to young people

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After the press release announcing the offer of professional training grants, Minjec through its linchpin that is the National Youth Observatory (ONJ) ​​gathered the press on Monday January 13, 2020 to invite them to carry the message of this opportunity with the youth.

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It is the multifunctional center for the promotion of reference young people from Yaoundé (CMPJ-Réf.Ydé) which served as a framework for this meeting with the press. During this exchange, the officials of the CMPJ-Ref.Ydé, the ONJ and the vocational training center for Arts and Crafts (CFPAM), explained to the press, the outlines of this vocational training scholarship offered by the government and which sounds like a new year gift for the youth of Yaoundé and its surroundings.

The NJO wants to debunk the myths about scholarships

Communication on the offer of vocational training grants was first provided by the CFPAM. Many young people thought it was a scam and missed out on such opportunities. The ONJ in the light of its royal missions has decided to put an end to stereotypes, to received ideas formulated by young people about these grants, by now using the press. The government of Cameroon is concerned about the development of its youth and offers them opportunities in terms of professional integration and job creation, in short, the adequacy of training and employment. This opportunity is accessible to all young Cameroonians. No need to have "shoes", no need to be sponsored to access the stock market.

The contours of the January 2020 scholarships

Vocational training grants are available to young people aged 15 to 35. For this session Minjec offered 300 scholarships. Admission is based on a file review. The files are admissible every working day at the secretariat of the Chief of the CMPJ-Ref.Ydé. To qualify for this scholarship, you must be registered on the platform of the NJO. The training lasts 8 months and the last 2 months are dedicated to internship. The gender approach is taken into account. Women are encouraged to apply. People from disadvantaged social strata are also taken into account. The period of this wave of stock market is set for January 31, 2020, at 16h.

The training takes place at CFPAM, located in Ekounou. Before the actual training, the scholarship recipients are mentally rearmed for a week. During one week also, the holders of the purse also make sports sessions. After this step, the CFPAM takes over for training. On the one hand, the training relates to IT: Office automation secretariat, Accounting secretariat, Management secretariat, IT and network maintenance, web master. On the other hand, training is also multimedia: computer graphics, audio-visual editing, application developer). Lastly, there are the training courses which relate to management: Assembly and management of projects, management of human resources, computerized accounting and management, accounting and management of companies, management of microfinance establishments.

The end of the training is sanctioned by a defense, a certificate of end of training given by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education. There is also the possibility of taking the national exam organized by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. For the year 2019, 250 young people have been trained by the CFPAM.

Discovering the ONJ

The national youth observatory was born following the three-year youth plan set up by the Head of State in 2016. The ONJ is the Minjec platform to strengthen the structures in charge of young people in the deployment. It has, among other missions, monitoring, orientation, awareness and mobilization of young people for their societal strengthening.

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