A hunter confuses his nephew for a game and brutally kills him during a hunting trip

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The drama occurred in the locality of mbell, Nguelemendouga district, East Cameroon region. The young Boris Mekinda Ngoyanga Boris, 27, was murdered by his uncle Mpianga Merlin during a hunting party during the night of December 15 to 16.    

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The poor Mekinda Ngoyanga will not see the year 2020. Because of a supposed clumsiness of his uncle during a night hunting party which cost him his life.

An atypical hunt

According to the story told by the online newspaper Camer.be, the victim who wanted to go to his in-laws, requested the services of his eldest child to bring them game, as tradition dictates. To this end, the uncle asks him to accompany him in the forest, to fetch bushmeat, on the night of December 15 to 16, 2019. At around 12 noon on the agreed day, the two men leave the village to edge of the newly purchased Wolf brand motorcycle from Boris. It will be the last time that the young operator, also known in the locality to own the only grocery store in the village or even the region, will be seen for the last time, specifies the same source.

Merlin, a serial killer

Monday December 16, 2019, Merlin Mpianga is alone on Boris's motorbike and finds himself in the village Mvada (located more than 50 kilometers from Mbell) on the axis Nguelmendouka - YaoundéAmong Samuel Tsigue one of his friends. It was by asking his friend for asylum that he confessed to the latter that he had accidentally killed his nephew the day before, in the forest.

An alibi that did not last long because of the reputation of the killer he built and the fact that he wanted to hide his crime. Samuel Tsigue agrees to offer hospitality to his old acquaintance, but while the assassin rests, he takes the opportunity to seize by telephone the gendarmerie brigade of Nguelmendouka. It is the latter who will come to question Merlin.

The first suspicions of the investigators will emerge as soon as the victim's body is discovered: Boris lies in a pool of blood, with a chest riddled with several bullets, the thesis of the accident therefore becomes inadmissible, especially since the murderer has everything to do with it. 'a killer and finds himself on his third murder! Indeed, in 2005 he already had during a hunting party in the village Ebah, killed Govinal Mabé a hunter he teamed up with, and in 2011 he was charged with the murder of a Bororo breeder and buried his body in a termite hill.

For the time being, the uncle has been imprisoned in a cell of the gendarmerie brigade of Nguelmendouka while waiting to be presented to the public prosecutor in the chief town of the department at Abong Mbang to answer for his actions. Abruptly taken to life, Boris leaves behind two grieving wives and seven orphans.


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