Prince Andrew's royal woes dubbed "self-inflicted on all levels"


Prince Andrew resigned from his royal duties last month, as a result of his with the BBC much criticized, interview with Emily Maitlis. The Duke of York spoke about his friendship with convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, and with Epstein's ex-girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. Although some commentators have recently referred to the misjudgment of Prince Andrew's public relations team in calling for the interview, and have even questioned whether Princess Beatrice approved the idea, an expert argued that the prince's public

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In her last episode, Ms Gripper opened up about how a public relations expert posted on LinkedIn, describing all of the "golden rules" the Duke of York broke during his misguided interview.

She said: "An elder of our colleagues, John Clements, who was previously the crime The editor of the Daily Mirror now works in communication and crisis management . " 

Mr Clements said: “Self-inflicted on all levels.

 Le prince Andrew

The Duke of York (Image: Getty)

 Prince Andrew

Last month, Prince Andrew spoke to Emily Maitlis of the BBC (Image: Getty)

“How many golden rules of strategic communications has Prince Andrew broken to get to this point?

Do not be foolish, like associating a convicted sex offender because there is much less to explain later.

“Two: don't treat your communications team like an editing function, let them inform your decision-making.

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 Le prince Andrew

Prince Andrew resigned from his royal duties, but retains his military honors (Image: Getty)

“Third: do not give interviews so as not to disturb yourself. Give them as part of a thoughtful strategy.

"Four: do not get lost in weeds, especially in broadcast. Have a consistent message that you repeat and repeat. "

It emerged last month, after the BBC interview, that the Duke of York's public relations secretary Jason Stein had resigned after just a month on the job following the decision to go ahead with television.

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A source close to Stein told the Sun on time: "He hadn't really set foot under the table when he decided to leave and move on and he didn't even get paid, he didn't stay there long enough."

 He had one encounter with the prince and his team and he urged them against giving the Newsnight interview. [19659006] “He has known what Emily Matlis looks like from her origins in Westminster and he knows she is a formidable interviewer. He really, very strongly advised Andrew against giving the interview. . " 

 Prince Andrew

The Duke of York attended the Royal Family Memorial Festival last month (Image: Getty)

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Tonight, Virginia Roberts Giuffre must speak at BBC Panorama.

Mrs Giuffre claims to have been a victim of human trafficking. financial and was forced to have sex with the prince.

Andrew categorically denies the claims.

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