Security situation in Mali: poor communication!


The fight against terrorism is not only military. The fight is also carried out and especially on the ideological level. Communication plays a major role. Despite the terrorist attacks on Mali, both political and institutional communication is still desperately searching for its bearings.

While the government shut itself up in a routine and soulless communication, the opposition itself, indulges in incantations or other lawsuits in witchcraft without putting in real perspective of the events. It's a real national psychodrama! Communication is a science. It can not be done according to the mood of the moment or lucky little luck. "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. TONY ROBBINS. Truth on this side of the Pyrenees. Truth beyond. The law is implacable. Cats do not make dogs and vice versa. Life is movement, dynamic, it is necessary to be proactive and not content to suffer events inevitably. Faced with an opinion more and more versatile, easily manipulated, communication becomes a major issue of governance. Communicating well becomes a categorical imperative in the context of all-out terrorist attacks. In Mali, crisis communication and political communication as a whole appear as congenital defects of the various regimes that succeed one another. The occurrence of the 22 March 2012 coup d'état is, for example, highly dependent on many unforgivable management and communication errors.

The last months of the reign of Amadou Toumani Touré were marked by several communication failures that precipitated its downfall. It is thus the vagueness about the current constitutional revision, its propensity to give the primeur of certain information to the international media thus helping to infantilize the Malian media, the arrogance of his entourage, the cult of the personality, the polemical statements. In this register, we find the son Keita and his many activists, who are paid for the cause out of millions. To date, Mali does not have a clear communication strategy in the fight against terrorism. The navigation seems to be done on sight. After each terrorist attack, government communication or the Armed Forces communication services are content with terse communications. Citizens are so used to it that they sometimes ridicule these statements by already imagining their content on social networks before the official publication.

In this context, the message loses its value, its credibility and becomes totally inoperative. Moreover, as the hammer Dominique Wolton "Inform, it is not communicating! ".

The battle for communication has taken another dimension. It is no longer enough to establish good relations with journalists in the field, by providing them with good communications. Wrestling also develops upstream, in preparation, justification, argumentation and framing. It continues downstream in the circulation and interpretation of images which States and their major media do not necessarily have a monopoly. The rules of time change, with almost instantaneous propagation. The rules of space also since the entire planet lives in "live" what happens on the ground.

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