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The dissection of a frog was once a rite of passage for high school students (and sometimes college students) in the country. As you walk through the classrooms, you hear the other students talk about it, and if you like it or hate it, you will have your appointment with an unfortunate frog sooner or later.

Many schools continue the tradition in this country. their science classes today, although some have somewhat reduced their activities. Students at JW Mitchell High School in Florida recently got their hands on frogs just waiting to be opened, but they were not ordinary amphibians. Frogs were synthetic replicas of their real-life counterparts, with internal organs and fake tissue

. Opening one and digging into their bowels does not mean as bad to the stomach as diving into a real amphibian, but it offers students the same kind of insight into the inner workings of an animal's body.

The frog models are the same. size like the real thing, but they do not come cheap. A single synthetic frog costs 150 dollars. This may seem overly expensive, especially for a school district that would need to buy more for a class, but the problem here is that they are reusable. They can be reassembled again and again, which means that a school can buy as many as needed for one class and each class dissects the same frogs.

Over the course of many years, fake frogs pay for themselves. . As a bonus, this slightly reduces the number of real frogs that need to be harvested so that students can poke in the guts before throwing them away.

Image Source: JWMHS

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