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TNN | Updated: 3 Dec. 2019, 16 h 45 IST

Prime Minister Modi addresses Parliament on Constitution Day (file photo)

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Justice has launched a vast awareness program aimed at “educating” citizens on their fundamental duties. part of the celebration of the 70th year of the adoption of the Constitution.
As part of its wider outreach program, the Center has contacted the Law Society of India to engage law school students who will be asked to do PowerPoint presentations at schools in their area to 'educate' law students. students on their basic homework.
At least 70 eminent personalities will be identified in each state and their comments will be recorded and broadcast on social networks, said Monday the Secretary of Justice, Alok Srivastava, in New Delhi.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will make similar efforts in which prominent international figures will be heard on the Indian Constitution and broadcast on social media. All other central departments were invited to implement the awareness plan in the coming year.
"It is essential that everyone is informed of the values ​​and principles enshrined in our Constitution and that citizens are informed of the duties of citizens, including fundamental duties, which are: a dynamic democracy, an organized politics and a responsible citizenship", Srivastava said. said.
The campaign will focus on the duties of citizens and their motivation vis-à-vis the nation, said the secretary. The one-year tour will conclude with a grand event to be held at IGI Stadium or Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi, from which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will administer a citizens' pledge and address the nation. The date of the event is not yet finalized. It will be broadcast live up to the level of the panchayat.
In addition to the ministries, the government has developed a plan to involve municipal and professional bodies, schools and colleges and organize national exhibitions on the Constitution and basic duties. Indian Embassies and High Commissions have been invited to hold lectures and seminars on "The glorious democratic history and heritage of India".
The curtain-raising activities include films on the Constitution, basic duties, interviews, talk shows, messages and calls from eminent personalities focused on the duties of citizens. These short films and video clips will be broadcast by Akashvani, Doordarshan, LS and RS TV and GDP during the campaign.

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