India: Computer Service Sets Target on Wry Onion Dealers in Delhi, MP, Maharashtra | India News


NEW DELHI: The Income Tax Department carried out surveys of traders in Maharashtra Delhi, Delhi, on the basis of information that these traders were engaged in onion prices and cash transactions, generating a generation of unrecorded revenue, said the Minister of Finance Anurag Thakur in Lok Sabha .
“The preliminary results of these transactions revealed that most of these traders were engaged in various fraudulent practices, including suppressing sales, holding unrecorded inventory, handling accounting books, selling for cash, violation of the provisions relating to the restriction of cash transactions, Thakur said.
He said that the tax office took appropriate actions in accordance with the law in relevant cases, where credible information was received regarding the violation of the provisions of the Income Tax Law and the law did not include incident control.
Onion prices have skyrocketed in several cities, prompting the government to order an export ban.

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