Dead soldiers in Mali: "Popular tribute is important for the military"


In memory of 13 French soldiers fallen in Mali, a national tribute ceremony is organized on Monday 2 December in Paris. The coffins will pass on the bridge Alexandre-III where the citizens are called to assemble in a republican rite decrypted by the historian Bénédicte Chéron (1).

The Cross: A new military tribute, republican and popular, will be returned to fallen soldiers for France. This type of ceremony seems to mobilize more and more people. What is it?

Bénédicte Chéron: The crowd fluctuates quite visibly according to the scale of the social and political echo that receives the death of the soldiers. There were many people, many of them military, for Marc Laycuras, who died in Mali in April, because the death of a military doctor in operation has an exceptional dimension.

Source the cross

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