You should watch this video because it is full of fun moments to which each person can relate. You will find a collection of scenes about each day that fails and the cooking. For example, you want to eat cereals for breakfast, but you have no milk left. Fail!
Another failure is when you have prepared a delicious sandwich for breakfast and it falls to the ground. Fail! You always have a lot of bruises and when friends ask you how you got that blue, you can not even imagine. Plus, you usually end up spilling or breaking something. A kitchen is a dangerous place for you because you usually burn something or can not open everything without putting everything in the kitchen.
When I try to sleep, I have a common struggle: it is too hot under a warm bed cover and too cold without the latter. What should I do? A weak battery is a real disaster, especially when you need your phone so much. Another failure is incompatible socks. I always lose socks and I have a whole collection of simple socks. Changing the bed linen is a real challenge, I hate this process. But I know what to do! I ask them my boyfriend 🙂

00: 09 Boring Situations and Fails
00: 18 Pizza fail
01: 32 Low Battery Failure
10h59: failure of cooking

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