Iris Mittenaere and her darling Diego El Glaoui very glamorous during


Since November 22, 2019, it's official: Iris Mittenaere is in a relationship with Diego El Glaoui. Saturday November 30, 2019, on the occasion of a very chic gala, the young couple once again displayed themselves together during a very glamorous climb of the stairs. The former Miss Universe wore a sublime red dress. On his arm, his new boyfriend was dressed in a very chic and perfectly tailored suit. The two lovers shared the details of their evening in an Instagram story from their respective accounts. Since September 24 and the Etam Live Show in Paris, there have been many rumors of their possible romance. To prevent too many people from speaking behind their backs, the young woman decided to take herself speech and put an end to these rumors by officially revealing his private situation.

In an interview given to our colleagues from TV Entertainment, she returns in more detail to this officialization to say the least surprising. " I decided today to express myself on my love stories because I always wanted to keep my private life secret and, in fact, we talked about it for me and it was quite heavy to hear false things, to also hear points of view different from mine and today 'it is true that I also want to master this part of my life because it belongs to me. So if I don't want to talk about it, I want it to remain secret, by cons if something needs to be said, i want to have a say on it", Said Iris Mittenaere, just to put the points on the i.

Iris Mittenaere is a great lover

She, who has always been very discreet about her private life, is nevertheless a great lover of love. " It is important in a life, it is what allows us to remain serene and to be happy. (...) It is a plus in a lifetime. It is an engine", She confided in all sincerity.

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