Cybernetic Monday: the 5 tech offers not to be missed


After Black Friday Month, Black Friday Week, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Weekend, the month of November officially renamed the month of specials makes a controlled landing on Cyber ​​Monday. The opportunity for us to recommend the few offers that are really worth it.

Cyber ​​Monday was designed as a pendant digital in Black Friday, much more focused in the United States on physical stores. With the story of life advancing, consumption has shifted from the store to the website and Black Friday is now as much, if not more, a digital business event than a physical one. In France, it is the ecommerçers who imported it. Therefore, does cybermonday still make sense? Not really, but it's still an opportunity to catch up with some great deals that are still running on the web.

Like all week, Numerama offers a selection of short products, but all are recommendable. No gadgets that end up in drawers, no products with limited shelf life, no fake promotions.

SSD Samsung 1 To - 89 €

An internal SSD of this large capacity, it will always be useful for a PC configuration, or even for storage to make backups. WE love.

iPad Pro 11 inch - 699 €

The iPad Pro is the best of Apple tablets, which makes the best tablets in general. It is therefore an excellent investment over time, since the American brand has become accustomed to following its products. The 11 inch format is ideal for a mobile tablet - the bigger one is a bit harder if you want to make it a muscular handheld or a versatile media player. This is the most recent version, with Face ID.

Samsung 24 Inch Curved Gamer Screen - 189 €

Samsung QLED screens are not very expensive for what they offer: a beautiful Full HD curved panel, a response time of 1 ms, compatibility with AMD's FreeSync, 144 Hz on the refresh side… In short, this is the ideal display for competitive video games at 1080p, which will not require a very expensive PC configuration to take full advantage of the screen.

Sosh 50 Go Package - 9,99 € per month

This is the best package in France when it is promo. The excellent Orange network, unlimited calls and SMS, 50 GB data in 4G per month, roaming in Europe ... in short, it has everything to please. At 9,99 € per month, it's time to spend. And if you want to be warned a month before the end of the promo to change operator again, FrAndroid has created a tool specifically for this.

Laptop Surface 3 - 899 €

The Laptop Surface is a Microsoft laptop with exemplary finishes. This MacBook on Windows approach perfection in its third version and you will love working on it. A beautiful setting, released recently, on promotion for this cyber Monday.

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