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In the United States, the burning anti-vaccination movement gives doctors and health officials a headache, but the situation is even worse in Samoa's island country. Since last week more than 2 600 confirmed cases of measles were registered and 33 people died, most of them being young children.

As reported CNN Samoa's government will shut down later this week in an effort to focus all available resources on the outbreak ravaging the isolated island nation. The death toll is currently 53 and 48 victims were children under 4 years old.

The situation in Samoa is unique and somewhat bizarre. Early last year, two children died shortly after receiving standard vaccines that would have protected them against measles, forcing the government to suspend its immunization program to investigate. It was ultimately determined that a completely different, improperly administered drug caused the deaths of the children, but by that time many children had yet to be vaccinated and parents remained fearful.

Health officials believe it was this big boom in unvaccinated immunization. children who allowed the disease to spread like wildfire across the country. The fact that so many children, especially young children, have fallen victim to the recent epidemic supports this idea, and the government is working to address the issue.

Samoa has received a wave of support from other countries and is in the process of doing so. receiving hundreds of thousands of doses of measles vaccine from neighbors. Schools across Samoa have been closed for several weeks already, and officials hope the government shutdown later this week will place a focus on immunization and treatment of those already infected across the country.

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