'Vaping disease' definitely linked to vitamin E in illegal THC vapors - BGR

When a mysterious "vaping disease" began to sweep across the nation a few months ago, it sparked tremendous attacks from the medical community. People have been running out of steam for years, so why would users start having extreme reactions to products after all this time? We know it now.

As it was suspected shortly after vape-related lung lesions began to surface, a new study reveals that vitamin E acetate present in ill-made THC vape products is probably the cause of more than 2 000 lung lesions and 39 deaths. The substance has recently become an essential substitute for vape juice producers looking to cut corners, especially in black market THC cartridges where there is no monitoring or regulation.

The CDC performed laboratory tests to determine if a single substance was present in the lungs. samples of those who have fallen with the weird disease. They quickly realized that each contained vitamin E acetate.

This is the first time we have detected a chemical of potential concern in biological samples from patients with these lung lesions. These results provide direct evidence for vitamin E acetate at the primary site of lung injury.

For those who follow the drama surrounding the vaping illness and the resulting bans, none of this is a surprise. Vitamin E acetate was presented as a major concern by vaping advocates for months and once people started to get sick, it seemed to be the most likely culprit.

The CDC did not solve the problem by issuing guidelines to avoid "all vaping products". "Even though it was clear that the vast majority (or perhaps all) of the disease cases were related to THC vape cartridges purchased on the street and not through legitimate retailers. Now, with the widespread ban in some states and the national ban on scented sprays on the horizon, it's clear that none of the legitimate products caught in hysteria have anything to do with the disease .

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