The first Black woman named professor of history by the University of Bristol in England speaks

Olivette Otélé, a Cameroonian national, is the first black woman in the United Kingdom to be named in the famous university of Bristol, in the south-west of the country.

Olivette Otélé (c) All rights reserved

Coordinator of the University of Cambridge Olivette Otélé is the appointed professor of history at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

At 49 years, the teacher is author of several writings of which African Europeans: And Untold History.

At the microphone of CRTV, the laureate explained the task that falls to him in his function.

« The city of Bristol was one of the cities that funded travel to Africa. She bought African caciques and virtuous women in America. She said completely enriched thanks to this rather ignoble trade and for a very long time she refused to recognize that. And the work that has been done has shown that this public has enriched itself. And today, failing to do something extraordinary, it is to look at the way in which she took advantage of the slave. Indirectly because the founders of the university were already enriched by slavery. And these founders, we do not have all the lists, we do not have all the names. My job is going to be to find the names, find out where the money has gone and what have become of these people and their descendants and how the university has a duty to remember the rest of Africa Said Olivette Otélé this November 8 2019.

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