Princess Margaret torn apart: Why did the Queen's sister "desperately seek" the day of the coronation

In front of the throne after her father, George VI, she succeeded him at the age of 24 years, after his sudden death in 1952. A period of national mourning ensued and she was crowned in a sumptuous ceremony in 1953, accompanied by six aristocratic bridesmaids accompanying her in the alley of Westminster Abbey. One of these women was Lady Anne Glenconner, a childhood friend of the Royal Family, who later became Margaret's Lady in Waiting.

Margaret is often perceived as a rebellious royal struggling with a disorder, even a scandal. love life. Some think she has always been stuck in the shadow of her respectful sister, even though she was supposed to be very close.

Lady Glenconner became Margaret's confidante as an official and caring assistant in attempting marriages and traumatizing her. 19659004] In her autobiography of 2019, "Lady in Wait: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown," Lady Glenconner explained how Margaret struggled even on the first official day of the Queen's reign.

She explained the joy it was in the air after the service at Westminster, when the newly crowned monarch was going to be photographed with her bridesmaid: "The queen was so full of enthusiasm that she started running so we all ran with her.

Princess Margaret and the Queen (Image: Getty)

The queen was crowned in 1953

The queen was crowned in 1953 (Image: Getty)

"Spontaneously, she sat on a red couch in the gallery, her dress floating around and settling around her. We sat with her and when she raised her legs for total joy, we did the same. It was one of the happiest moments. "

However, she added, "During the day of the coronation, I was completely unaware of Princess Margaret's sadness.

"All this time, we had the time of our life, a private movie, commissioned by the pure captured Princess Margaret in search of a dismal future. "

Margaret was not one of the bridesmaids and stayed with the Queen Mother throughout the ceremony. She was seen looking at her sister with great sadness.

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The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret

Queen Mother and Princess Margaret on Coronation Day (Image: Getty)

Lady Glenconner asked her friend "years later" why she was so depressed on a day of celebration. [19659004] Margaret reportedly said, "Of course I'm sad, Anne.

"I had just lost my beloved father and, in fact, had just lost my sister because she was going to be very busy and had already moved to Buckingham. Palace, so it was just me and the queen mother. "

However, the day of the coronation proved to be a turning point for Margaret for another reason as well.

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The queen with her six bridesmaids

The queen with her six bridesmaids (Image: Getty)

The queen and her sister

The queen and her sister (Image: Getty)

The press had seen her pick up a piece of stuffed animal in the uniform of group captain Peter Townsend outside Westminster Abbey and, according to Lady Glenconner, "would not let him go." [19659004] He was the squire of his aged 16 father, his eldest and married - but both had started a relationship.

Margaret's friend explained: "It fueled a scandal that would shake the monarchy and divide the country."

Margaret finally chose not to marry her father's flash because she did not want to compromise her place in the royal family, even though Cpt Townsend had divorced her previous wife to marry the young royal.

Margaret with Lady Glenconner later in life (Image: Getty)