Lily Allen: her cash confidences about her sex life

Raw words have never scared the singer Lily Allen ... no one has forgotten his first hit "Fuck You". So when we knew that the brunette was preparing an autobiographical book, we could only expect a lot of frankness from her. In Me, exactly, which will be published by Hugo Doc editions from November 14, she does not mince words about her sex life.

We learn thatshe lost her virginity to 14 years with a man of 20 years... and that she was not idle then, chaining conquests that "had no desire to help me discover what sex was. They did not care about me, "she says. To the extent that Lily Allen had "never had an orgasm when (she) wrote" Not Fair "(single from 2009 about guys who are bad guys), not one, neither with anyone, nor by myself . I did not masturbate when I was young, teenage, or when I was in my twenties.

Frustrated at the highest point, the British singer knows her peak of debauchery in 2014, while she is married to the father of her two daughters, Sam Cooper. "I started exploring sex, and not with my husband. I persuaded myself that I was not deceiving him because they were women and that it did not count ", she says in her autobiography. Drugs, one-night shots, striptease clubs ... Lily Allen does not forbid anything, not even an adventure with Zoe Kravitz nor the services of a "prostitute, found on Google" and its toys three to four times a month in a hotel room!

Fortunately, it is during Kate Hudson's Halloween party, always in 2014, that she becomes aware that debauchery can not go on. Chris Martin, the leader of Coldplay, then convinces her to ask for help after throwing Orlando Bloom while trying, drunk, to kiss him! "I was addicted to alcohol, drugs and sex. I was obsessed with the idea of ​​getting confirmation that I was something fuckable that meant nothing to anyone, "says Lily Allen. This lack she was trying to fill, she owes it to a childhood where her parents (separated at the age of her 4 years) ignored her ...

Fortunately at 34 years, some rehab and psychoanalyses later, Lily Allen seems today soothed and lives a beautiful love story emerging with David Harbour, the actor of the series Stranger Things ... she kisses passionately and without restraint on the streets of New York since September.

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