India: BJP-Sena could still meet to form the government of Maharashtra: Jayant Patil | India News

MUMBAI: The BJP and the Shiv Sena have not yet announced the break of their links. They could still come together to form a government in the state, [NCP]. Patil said Friday.
Patil reiterated that the NCP would sit in opposition.
He stated that the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also party leader in the BJP legislature, had resigned and showed that the party could not tinker with the numbers, adding that Shiv Sena might be asked to form the government.
"There is no question of extending our support to this one (Sena). We are in opposition. The BJP will support them, "Patil told a news channel when the NCP asked to support Shiv Sena in forming the government.
Asked about the latest acrimony in the relations between BJP and Sena, Patil added: "They have not broken their ties. They have not said it yet. None of them say so. Therefore, the BJP can support Shiv Sena "
Insisting that anything can happen in politics, he said: "If Shiv Sena did not support the BJP, it is possible that the BJP will support him in the respect of the people's mandate."
The formation of the government in the state has not progressed, even fifteen days after the announcement of the results of the vote of the Assembly on October 24.
The BJP and Shiv Sena get confused about the post of chief minister, leading to a stalemate. Despite the survey results, which gives the saffron alliance a combined strength of 161 seats, it has surpassed the majority bar of 145 on 288 members of the House.

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