Accused of embezzlement, Roger Nkodo Dang sheds light and demands apologies from the press

Faced with the press this Friday 8 November 2019, Roger Nkodo Dang was keen to demonstrate to men and women of the media the mechanisms of operation of the Pan-African Parliament and did not fail to shed light on the facts of financial malpractices for which he was accused.

Roger Nkodo Dang (c) All rights reserved

It's at the microphone of the national post of the CRTV that Roger Nkodo Dang, chairman of the pan-African parliament, spoke about the functioning of the institutional chamber he chairs in order to remove any ambiguity on the issue of financial malpractice in which he would be involved. offers an excerpt from the remarks of the Honorable Roger Nkodo Dang selected by our colleagues of the national post of the Crtv.

All those who had raised the problem knew full well that the president of the pan-African parliament can not divert money from the pan-African parliament. It was a political coup that people went up. Unfortunately, the person who seemed to be covering did not help them. Because the gentleman continued to lead parliament and take money as he wanted. Faced with this situation, my role today is to inform national and international opinion that the management of the Pan-African Parliament is governed by the texts and these texts clarify the role of the Secretary General and the President. And that therefore the president who does not sign in the account of the Pan-African Parliament can not in any case be author of misappropriations. Those of the Cameroonian press have given themselves to the joy of disseminating this information must repeat the opposite exercise. They have reached my image, my honor, and we say that, as they have been deceived in this good faith, they come back in the right time and tell the truth to national and international opinion.

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