Google Stadia is now available on the Play Store, but you can not stream games yet.

Google requires you to play console quality games on virtually any device you own. This is the idea of ​​Google Stadia, a service that broadcasts the game on your device, because Google's servers handle all the necessary treatments. You will still need to buy games separately, but it may be the first truly capable cloud game service.

Stadia is not ready to transfer these games to your Android devices yet, but if you want to get a head start, the Stadia app is available for download from the Play Store .

The app will be your primary means of interacting with the service, no matter what device you are using. The application will allow you to buy games, manage your Stadia account and your controllers, and start game sessions.

You may not be able to play any games on Stadia before November 19, when the service will be launched, but the Android application will not be fully compatible. useless right now. It will allow you to set up your Stadia account, as long as you have an invitation code from the Stadia Founders or First Edition kits, or a Buddy Pass from a friend.

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The Play Store listing reveals other features of the app, including a Home tab that displays your games with game buttons at the top, and an Explore tab that displays community messages. . The integration of YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Discord is also present in the application.

What's interesting about the app is that it was built in Flutter, with the new Google SDK which allows developers to create applications for multiple platforms at the same time, which means that the iPhone application will probably look like the Android version. However, the app can not be installed on Chromebooks at the moment, because Google prevents it.

Once Stadia has been launched, you will be able to play games on Pixel phones, but you will need to have an access code. The Android application Stadia, meanwhile, is available on the Play Store while the iPhone version will be available for download on the App Store as soon as Apple approves it.

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