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RED by SFR offers a very interesting promotion on its fiber fixed Internet offer. The subscription to 22 euros sees its download speed climb to 1 Gb / s at no extra cost for new customers.

Until November 12, RED by SFR boosts its fiber offer by integrating the Free Rate option for free usually offered at 5 euros. With this option, the speed of your Internet connection can reach 1 Gb / s for download, and 400 Mb / s in uploadsubject to the eligibility of your line for this type of debit.

1 Gb / s fiber at 22 euros only

By integrating the Debit Plus option free of charge with its fiber offer, RED by SFR is currently offering the best price-rate ratio of the moment. Not only because the offer is at the price of 22 euros, but also because this rate is unconditional duration. Which means that the price of the subscription will not double after the first twelve months as is often the case with other Internet service providers. A dedicated page allows you to calculate the savings you can make on your box ADSL or Fiber by paying your subscription cheaper.

The fiber subscription RED by SFR at 22 euros includes everything, no cost or hidden option. That is to say :

  • an Internet connection up to 1 Gb / s for download, 400 Mb / s in upload
  • unlimited calls to landlines to more than 100 destinations
  • unlimited calls to mobiles in France
  • the rental of the box

Even if the offer is already complete basic, various options allow you to customize your subscription to best meet everyone's expectations. For example, it is possible to subscribe to:

  • a bunch of 35 TV channels (TNT) to 2 euros per month (set-top box included)
  • a bouquet of 100 channels (TNT + international channels) from TV to 4 euros per month (decoder included)
  • the RMC Sport bouquet directly on the box at 19 euros per month (with a commitment of one year)

How to change ISP?

If the offer interests you, know that it is now easy to change Internet service provider. Exit letters of cancellation by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, now it is the new ISP who takes care of all the steps. The only condition to take advantage of this is to request the portability of the landline number by providing the RIO ID when subscribing to RED by SFR. It can be obtained by dialing 3179 from the line concerned. It is this identifier which allows keep the same phone number during a change of ISP.

Finally, it should be noted that RED by SFR offers its new customers refund 100 euros the cancellation fee from the old operator. To take advantage of this, the new customer must send a copy of the fence invoices of his old offer to RED by SFR. The refund is made on future invoices, within 5 weeks after receipt of the refund request.

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