VIDEO. The day Didier Barbelivien and Nicolas Sarkozy nearly died together

Didier Barbelivien and Nicolas Sarkozy are old friends, more than 40 years. This Wednesday 9 October, the first was invited on the set of C to you on France 5. There was an anecdote from his book Do not cry nostalgia, which is cold in the back: the former president and the singer nearly died together in a terrible plane crash while on an official visit to the Congo.

"We are in the presidential plane and we think we are untouchable. However, the plane, at the start of Le Bourget, went to the end of the runway to take off. And on the way from the start to the end of the track, it exploded, the right front engine. It made a horrible noiseremembers Didier Barbelivien, facing Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and his columnists listening to him religiously. Of course, everyone wondered what was going on. We could not steal so everyone went down, the president last. I was among the last to go down with my wife. "

Didier Barbelivien does not understand what's going on yet. He is seeking more information from the flight crew. The answer seems upset him again... "The commander came to us, and there I asked him the question: 'It's still serious what just happened! This is the plane of the president, anyway ... 'He said to me:' There, no it is not very serious, we will change aircraft. But if we had it in flight, it would not have been the same. ' Like what, we can be in the presidential A320 and risk his life anyway ", evokes the singer.

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