Prince George, excited like crazy in a football stadium: this attitude that does not pass

We do not joke with English football, whether you are an experienced supporter or a little prince of 6 years. On Saturday October 5, George attended the game between Norwich City at Aston Villa, his favorite club, at Carrow Road Stadium. The score made him happy: 1 at 5 for his favorite team, an enthusiasm he did not curb on the stadium, dressed in a supporter's jersey, alongside his daddy Prince William, his mum Kate Middleton and his little sister Charlotte, rather amused by the effervescence of the little boy. Aston Villa did not play at home ...

George's attitude did not please some disappointed football fans. A spectator who supports Norwich City has indeed warned the press: if he had been sitting closer to the Crown Prince, he would simply have "fired from the stadium ". "Since Prince George congratulated himself, jumped with joy at every goal of Villa, I certainly could not help but go see a member of the stadium to politely ask him if it would be possible to kindly show the exit to these fans too enthusiastic then that they are not at home?"Ouch ... The royal family knows a lot about protocol, it needs more some lessons of savoir-vivre in a football stadium

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