Apple's iPhone SE 2 will be a phone that no one really wants

Fortunately, Apple is working on the successor of the very popular iPhone SE. The bad news is that the device, at least according to some of the first rumors circulating, will not be a device reserved for iPhone SE users.

While the rumors of Apple are shoveled, analysts Ming-Chi Kuo in recent years has proved exceptionally accurate with his predictions. Recently, Kuo published a research note indicating that Apple's iPhone SE 2 will benefit from a format similar to that of the iPhone 8, with a screen of 4,7 inches. In addition, the iPhone SE 2 will feature a Touch ID sensor, the latest Apple A13 processor and a single-lens camera in the back.

It sounds great, but the iPhone SE 2 will have a shape. A factor similar to that of the iPhone 8. The main attraction of the iPhone SE is to offer users advanced hardware in a compact format, something that is becoming increasingly difficult to find while companies like Apple continue to produce devices with gargantuan screens. The iPhone SE 2 is essentially defined by its 4 inch screen and its compact form factor, a design that makes the device incredibly easy to use with one hand.

If Kuo's report is accurate, which is rare. For example, some analysts believe that iPhone 8 will help boost iPhone sales in 2020, as customers still using iPhone models 6 and 7 will be attracted. lower price of the iPhone SE 2.

Here is the problem, however; the iPhone 8 is already available at a good price. If customers are looking for an affordable upgrade option, it already exists. As far as I know, it seems that Apple is simply considering upgrading the iPhone 8 with more modern internal components and a more advanced camera. Let's just say that this is not a device worthy of the nickname of the iPhone SE 2.

In recent years, many fans of the iPhone SE have dreamed of a compact device with an edge-to-edge display, similar to that introduced by Apple with the iPhone X and illustrated in the concept below.

Unfortunately, if the iPhone SE 2 is equipped with the Touch ID, it goes without saying that we will not see a slender design with an edge to an onboard screen, but rather an updated iPhone 8 with limited appeal.

The original iPhone SE filled a gap in Apple's product line, and it was shocking to see Apple completely neglect it for the reasons that drove them for four years now. What makes this all the more amazing is that the iPhone SE has proven to be much more popular than even Apple would have imagined.

"We are delighted with the response we have seen," Tim Cook said of the iPhone SE. during a teleconference on 2016 results. "It is clear that there is a demand, even beyond what we thought."

The demand was the result of the form factor, not the price. Hopefully Apple will appreciate that and offer an iPhone 2 SE that customers will really want.

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