Hordes of Tarantulas Creep Across San Francisco Right Now - BGR

If you have a natural dislike for spiders, avoid getting away from San Francisco Bay for at least a few days. Reports indicate that tarantula activity has increased in parts of California, including in the Bay Area, due to an increase in sightings of large spiders due to warm weather. autumn.

Warm autumn days are common in most of the state, and seasons encourage male tarantulas to seek out partners. For residents, this means seeing the huge eight-legged creatures much more often, but scientists insist that there is really nothing to fear.

Even if you are not particularly afraid of spiders, tarantulas can seem daunting. Their large size makes them seem much more formidable than they really are, but large spiders do not really care about humans. They are by nature docile and will usually do their best to avoid interactions with humans.

People are warned, however, that it will likely be common to encounter one or more tarantulas for a short period of time and that residents will even see men fighting. Like many other species, males will try to kill the spiders they see as threats and will attack each other for the right to mate with the females.

The tarantula boom is not limited to the Bay Area, like spiders. are known to live throughout California. As is the case in the San Francisco area, warm autumn days will be the perfect season for tarantula mating across the state.

A few days before things calm down, which should be good news for any arachnophobe.

Image Source: Marc Rasmus / imageBROKER / Shutterstock

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