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We still have many years left before NASA sends humans back to the moon, but when you plan such an intense mission, preparation takes a lot, a lot of time. NASA is currently working on finalizing its next-generation space suit that space travelers will wear during their lunar excursions.

In a new update NASA speaks at length about the work done. be done to ensure that the Extravehicular Mobility Unit for Exploration (or xEMU for short) is able to protect astronauts as they explore the Moon's surface.

The combination itself (shown in a rendering above) looks like a lot. It looks a lot like the combination of astronauts who visited the Moon for the first time decades ago and even more like the astronauts of the ISS. when going out into space. NASA explains that while it may seem familiar on the outside, that's what's inside.

With regard to freedom of movement, the new space suits offer greater flexibility to astronauts. This increased range of motion will facilitate the NASA team's lunar surface movement and, hopefully, minimize the need for "rabbit jumping", which is often seen in Apollo mission clips.

has proven to be the most natural way for astronauts to cross the low-gravitational environment of the Moon. It worked well at the time, but it was not the most efficient way to spend its limited energy, and it led to fun falls. NASA hopes things will be very different this time around.

Prior to their missions, NASA astronauts will have their suits tailored, with scans of all their movements to ensure their correspondence. Due to its modular nature, the suit is highly customizable, providing astronauts with comfort and mobility during the mission.

As before, astronaut survival systems will be contained in a compact unit that sits at the back of the suit. . NASA says that the internal hardware is much more advanced than in recent decades, with redundant systems that ensure the safety of astronauts even in the event of failure of one or more components.

It will take a little more time before I get to see these new costumes in action, but every time NASA is ready to send people back to the moon, they'll be more comfortable than ever.

Image source: NASA

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