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Last year, I had a conversation with director Drew Pearce, whose credits include the thriller directed by Jodie Foster Hotel Artemis in which he lamented at one point the "seismic change" experienced by the film industry. . Nowadays, studios seem to make 5 million dollars worth of movies or 200 million dollars - an artistic price to earn rewards in the low budget, and epics of the big budget focused on the show.

That dichotomy has given rise to a strange type of debate in recent days. Specifically, a debate about the artistic merit of Marvel Studios' films, which implies that they do not deserve to be alongside more artistic creations and that even the legendary director Martin Scorsese qualifies Marvel's films as "no film ". Stars like Robert Downey Jr. in turn, weighed in the idea that these films lack artistic and creative seriousness and do not deserve to be considered in the same business as the more traditional films.

add also The star of Friends Jennifer Aniston, who will play the lead role in the upcoming Apple series The Morning Show for his next Apple TV + streaming service, the scorsese side of the argument. In a recent interview, she also deplores what she sees as a decrease in the film industry as a whole, thanks in part to, as she says, the "big Marvel films".

"You see what's available there and it's big Marvel movies," says Aniston Variety . "Or things I'm not just invited to do or who are really interested in life on a green screen."

It continues lamenting the disappearance of an era of film production probably gone. One of them is characterized by Roma-com led by Meg Ryan and titles she mentions as Heaven Can Wait Young Frankenstein et Blazing Saddles .

Aniston's [1965]. The Morning Show will be released for the first time on Apple TV + 1er November, the launch date of the streamer. It is worth mentioning this, as his new role is also indicative of one of the main flaws in his argument about the state of the industry:

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Netflix executives, for example, have long pointed out that they do not compete primarily with other streamers or premium cable networks like HBO. They compete with any . They compete with the time spent playing video games, reading a book, sleeping, playing Fortnite - and, yes, to spend time in a glitch seat at the movies.

In the glorious days that Jennifer always wanted to be around, you had few options outside the theater if you wanted to see a carefree movie like You Have Got Mail . This is no longer true. In the meantime, the theater is always the place that offers you the optimal visual experience for a bold, dynamic and special effects-focused visual feast, such as Marvel Fast & Furious etc.

Jeff Bezos has already given an interview in which he stated at one point: "It is very difficult for the incumbent operators who have the sweetness to accept the change". This is true for companies like traditional booksellers that Amazon has replaced as well as pillars in Hollywood. It is also almost always true that once you accept the fact that the world has changed and that you change your behavior accordingly, the better you will be.

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