India: The monsoon begins its retirement the latest in 59 years | India News

NEW DELHI: The southwestern monsoon finally began to pull out of the country, nearly 40 days later than the normal date, in what is by far the most delayed withdrawal of the monsoon according to Ministry records, going back to 1960
The Indian Meteorological Department said on Wednesday that the monsoon had retreated from parts of Punjab, Haryana and northern Rajasthan. From now on, the monsoon should make a quick retreat from northern and central India, he said.
The latest withdrawal of the monsoon recorded before this year dates back to 1961, when the monsoon began to retreat on October 1er. This year, the active living conditions until the end of the season, including a system of depression set up from the Bay of Bengal in late September, the monsoon continued.

According to the IMD, conditions are now in place for the monsoon to withdraw more and more from northwestern India, including Delhi, over the next two days. In the next two or three days, the rainfall system could retreat from the remaining parts of northwestern India as well as central India, the department said.
"With the beginning of the retreat process, we will probably see a rapid withdrawal of the monsoon," said Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, director general of meteorology at IMD. The pullback was announced after persistent anticyclonic circulation and the gradual reduction of humidity - the two essential conditions of the monsoon retreat - were observed, said the IMD.
"The reversal of wind direction will likely reduce humidity and bring down temperatures in northern India," said Mohapatra. The monsoon usually begins to retreat from western Rajasthan, then gradually north and then central India in a process spanning a month and a half.

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