The PlayStation 5 feature disclosed that no one saw coming could be real

Sony has confirmed this week the official name of the PlayStation 5 console that will be launched by Christmas 2020 - this is the PlayStation 5 without much surprise. The company also revealed details on the user interface of the new console and announced a brand new controller that will offer many exciting features, including improved haptic feedback and USB-C connectivity. But Sony has also introduced a PS5 development kit while demonstrating the new DualShock controller 5 - that's probably what they call it - and it's an interesting detail in all this influx of PS5 updates. Indeed, the demonstration events of Sony may have confirmed the awesome PS5 feature that nobody has seen coming .

PS5 design

Image source: LetsGoDigital

In addition to Sony's announcement on PlayStation 5 de Wired who was able to test the new controller on a PS5 development kit console, also provided a more detailed coverage of the features offered by Sony . This is where things get interesting because the PS5 development was very similar to the one that had been leaked several times over the last few months. Recently, this is the story of from Gizmodo which seemed to confirm all the leaks. . From Wired :

Then, a version of Gran Turismo Sport that Sony had transferred to a development kit PS5 - a development kit that quickly looks like that of than Gizmodo reported on last week. (The company declined to comment on how the devkit form factor could be compared to that envisioned for the consumer product.)

Sony may not be ready to share PS5's design details at this time, The paragraph above indicates that the PS5 device that developers use to create new games for the console is very similar to the patented design by Sony. After all, that's when it all started. A design patent was discovered a few weeks ago, and then people began to confirm that Sony was actually using this design in real life. And that's how we ended up with the PS5 renderings seen above.

PlayStation Assist

Image source: Sony via TechTastic

This brings us to another patent describing the impressive device PS5 I was talking about. Sony has developed its own voice assistant, which we will call PlayStation Assist lack of official name. The wizard would be able to answer a variety of gaming issues during gaming sessions, providing players with hints and tricks in real time (image above). In this way, they would not have to stop playing for help on the Web.

The wizard would also work on mobile phones via a complementary app providing game statistics, as well as live information about what's going on inside. a particular game. This is something that has never been done before and that other intelligent assistants can not offer.

Sony is far from confirming this feature and the company had to deflect the issues of Wired about a microphone. hole on the new DualShock controller - this is ours:

He says this as he says many other things: knowing that he would reject any further question that goes beyond what he wanted to talk about. Like, what does the user interface look like? Or, what will be the size of the SSD? Or even, is it a microphone? That's exactly what I'm asking for when Cerny hands me a new-generation prototype controller, a matte black matte doohickey that looks a lot like the PS4's DualShock 4. After all, there is a little hole on it and a recent patent shows that Sony is developing a voice-activated artificial intelligence assistant for the PlayStation. But all I get from Cerny is: "We'll talk about it later." ("We regularly file patents," a spokesman told me later, "and, like many companies, some of these patents eventually lead to our products, and some do not. ")

Yes, all patented technologies are not found in new products. But these patents, including the design one above, have been discovered quite recently. And History from Wired just confirmed that the V-shaped PS5 development kit is real.

Yes, we are still speculating.

In the same article Wired Laura Miele, head of the EA studio, exposed in clear terms the material of the PS5. She then mentioned that the console would support machine learning. :

"I could be very specific and talk about experimenting with ambient occlusion techniques or looking at ray-traced shadows," says Laura Miele, director of the EA studio. " More generally, we see the GPU being able to propel machine learning for all sorts of really interesting advances in gameplay and other tools. "Above all, adds Miele, it's the speed of everything that will define the next harvest of consoles. "We are entering the generation of the immediate. In mobile games, we are waiting for a game to download in a few moments and a few clicks by jumping directly. We are now able to manage it effectively. "

EA could certainly develop games that use machine learning for any purpose. But if the hardware supports machine learning, it means that Sony could also take advantage of it.

Do you know what machine learning is for? Virtual Assistants, including Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc. And that's another clue that PlayStation Assist could be real.

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