Fally Ipupa: 5 years in prison for the singer

Fally Ipupa is in big trouble right now. For a case of failed concert in Angolan, the justice of the country of Eduardo Dos Santos condemned the Congolese star. He is sentenced to 5 years in prison, with a fine of 150.000 Dollars. What is it about ?

An Angolan show promoter reportedly contacted Fally Ipupa for two performances in Cabinda, the Angolan enclave near Congo- Kinshasa. The singer Domingos David Tati, the promoter of the said concerts, would have advanced the sum of 30 000 Dollars (about 15 500 000 Cfa) on the 45 000 Dollars planned for the two shows. The facts go back to 2011. And Fally would not have honored the contract.

Domingos lawyers David Tati, during a press briefing indicated that the artist had to go with his group two days before the 20 and 21 May 2011, indicated for its benefits. But we do not know by what subterfuge, Dicap La Merveille could not go to Angolan at this time

The Angolan justice, deemed formidable in this kind of business, did not hesitate to condemn Fally, who according to information, went out of his way to find an amicable solution. For the moment "Anelka" is staying in Kinshasa. Its agents would be in contact with the plaintiff, in order to save a situation that may taint the credibility of the former pupil of Koffi Olomide.

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