Do not agree Brexit or Revoke Article 50! - VIDEO

It comes down to choosing between a Brexit without agreement or revoking the letter "Article 50" and staying locked up forever in the EU.


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The press says Prime Minister Boris Johnson is gearing up for a ten-day blitz aimed at getting some sort of Brexit deal in Parliament before the October 31 Brexit Day, while Remain MPs are now trying to force the government to revoke the letter under Article 50 before the expiry of the deadline set by Halloween.

Boris Johnson has promised to release the UK from the European Union by October 31 and has said he is ready to face all the battles against the remaining MPs with the intention of revoking the letter under Article 50.

According to information, he will say tomorrow in Brussels in no uncertain terms that the United Kingdom will leave the 31 October.

According to the sun, he will say:

"There should be no doubt about my determination to accompany us on October 31.

"I will not ask for an extension. I am absolutely convinced that our European friends want a release in good order. The time has come to engage in serious discussions. "

And speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Boris said the UK would come out of EU chains like the Hulk.

"Hulk's anger gets strong, plus Hulk is strong," he says.

I therefore personally believe that any long-standing and unilateral legislative battle by the remaining deputies for a second referendum on the European Union will be abandoned, in favor of a truncheon cancellation of the attack on the European Union. of the 50 article in the last days of October.

It would be the legislature that would continue to try to act as an executive with Prime Minister Bercow at its head.

I therefore think that when the currently extended parliament resumes its work on October 14, or before if the Supreme Court were to make the prorogation illegal next week, the remaining deputies will then vote as soon as possible on any speech by the Queen, dismiss discussions on the agreements with Brussels, then relaunch their emergency debates to request the revocation of the Article 50 letter.

In any event, any agreement that Boris will make with the EU will require a number of substantive votes in the Commons that the remaining members will change to say - Revoke Article 50. As far as I know, the agreement is an option now without a way out.

And the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, will give other members all the time, the opportunity and the "procedural" assistance they need.

There will be votes against any agreement, there will be no vote of no vote, no vote for a general election, just votes to be revoked - as well as the continuation of Fear Project's gushing propaganda.

They may not even risk forcing the Prime Minister to send this letter of extension under Article 50, unless they feel they need more time to try to convince the country to adopt their revocation strategy.

And they will appreciate the idea that Boris is sitting at number ten when sending the letter, either by him, or more likely on his behalf, by virtue of a court order or otherwise.

That's what they seem to want to see happen anyway.

And if that happens, then the excuse would be that it would be a far too complex and difficult period for a general election. They must stay in place, they say, to heal the nation, etc., etc., while that means they need time to close the entire Brexiteer movement before proceeding to a general election.

That is when the pressure for a national unity government would come from the same members of the House of Commons today.

Second, I'm afraid I will not think about what might happen next, because they do their best to silence any dissent in favor of Brexit across the country. It would not be nice

Especially that I think some of them would actually like a strong enough protest to be able to then condemn the Brexiteers, then silence them through the courts or worse.

The rest would rely on being able to control the most active of the Brexiteers, while the silent majority accepts them and continues their new life in the new super-state of the European Union.



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