TIPS: HOW TO CULTIVATE YOUR OWN PLANTS || 25 Incredibly easy planting and gardening


If you love plants and have always wanted to have a garden at home, you should definitely watch this helpful video. You will find a collection of tips on how to grow different plants effortlessly! Discover the best way to repel an aloe from a leaf. Ask your friend to cut a leaf from the stem. Leave the cut edge to dry a little. Cut a leaf into several parts using a sharp, clean knife. Try cutting at a downward angle, towards the stem. Place the cut leaves and soil and the roots will grow back in a few days.
We know an easy way to grow tomatoes effortlessly. Cut tomatoes into circles and place in the soil. Then cover the slices with another part of the soil and water. The same idea that you can use to grow peppers. Find an easy tutorial! Discover a cool way to check if cucumber seeds are good - put them in a glass of water. Good seeds will be in the background.
The next tutorial will show you how to grow a watermelon. The growth of the watermelon requires a lot of sun, space and a high temperature. Make a plastic box and place a tissue inside. Place the seeds on the fabric and spray them with water. Cover the box with plastic wrapping and make holes. After four days for the seeds to soften. After that, place the seeds in small pots. You can use eggshells as seedling pots. When your plants overtake their temporary homes, place them in eggshells in the soil. You can grow tomatoes in these pots. In addition, the eggshell is a natural fertilizer.

00: 09 How to spread aloe
00: 51 What to do with a broken cactus
02: 00 Sweet Pepper Spread
05: 40 How to grow a watermelon

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