People: The family of Gilbert Bécaud in the heart of a tragedy: the house of his daughter burned, the family takes the floor

This Tuesday 3 September, the family of the singer Gilbert Becaud learned a terrible news. A fire broke out at the house of Anne Becaud, the singer's daughter. The house located in Vienna was completely destroyed and a calcined body was found.

While the family is waiting for the results of the DNA analysis, Anna can not be found.

according to Closer, the victim of this incident is a woman of about 55 years old. The daughter of Gilbert Bécaud, born in 1961, has 58 years.

While waiting for the results of the analyzes, Anne's relatives decided to speak. In a statement released on September 5, the Bécaud family confirmed the fire "of the property owned by Anne Bécaud, eldest daughter of the singer and his first wife Monique Nicolas". We also learn other details:

This fire took place in the morning (...), not far from the family home of Gilbert Bécaud where resides his widow Kitty Bécaud and one of his other daughter, Emily Bécaud.

An investigation was opened to identify people who were "on the scene at the time of the tragedy".

Some details, like Anna's car in front of the house, suggest that the woman was at home that morning.

Soon, Gilbert Bécaud's family will know the truth.

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