Western elites react to Pau Biya's speech

The address to the nation yesterday of the Head of State continues to provoke reactions. International and national organizations, civil and political actors in society, everyone goes their own way.

Niat Njifendji, elite of the Western Region

This Wednesday 11 September 2019, a day after the speech of the President of the Republic, the elites of the western region of Cameroon have expressed their determination and commitment to President Paul Biya.

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Yaoundé, the 11 September 2019

We, Elites from the Western Region

Meeting today, 11 September 2019 at the initiative of Mr. Marcel NIAT NJIFENJI, President of the SENATE, address to HE Paul BIYA, President of the Republic, Head of State, the Motion of Support, Deference and Encouragement whose content follows:

Considering Your important and historic message to the Nation, as of 10 September 2019;

Considering that this message is in line with Your firm commitment to a Cameroon of Great Opportunities offered to everyone;

Considering Your Message reflects Your determination to preserve Cameroon's Unity, Peace and Indivisibility, to promote development, coexistence and social cohesion, and to strengthen democracy, all things to which the western region are viscerally attached;

Considering that Your Message, by its Method, is further proof of Your deep attachment to dialogue and the collective and consensual search for solutions so that Cameroon remains a nation proud of its diversity and jealous of its unity;

Considering the flexibility, moderation, legality and constancy of Your efforts towards the lasting and peaceful resolution of the political and security crisis in the North-West and South-West Regions;

Considering in particular the quality and diversity of the measures already taken to meet the demands expressed by some of our compatriots who are nationals of the North-West and South-West regions;

Considering also that, under Your high impulse, constructive dialogue has produced tangible results in the areas of education and justice, among others;

Considering Your willingness and Your readiness to deepen the search for solutions within the framework of the respect of the Constitution, with a view to the normalization of the situation in the North-West and South-West regions trapped by the ubiquitous claims of terrorists without faith or law;

Considering Your commitment to involve all Cameroonians in the management of public affairs through the ongoing acceleration of the process of decentralization;

Considering Your determination to foster the development of all the linguistic, regional, religious and cultural components of our dear and beautiful country;

1) Let us give our total and unconditional support to the salutary and decisive measures announced in Your Important and Historic Speech of 10 September 2019 which aims to consolidate the Peace, Unity, Social Justice and Territorial Integrity of Cameroon;

2) Endorse your decision to convene a Grand National Dialogue to provide endogenous responses to the deep and legitimate aspirations of the people of Cameroon, in accordance with the Constitution;

3) Let us testify to the veracity of your regional equilibrium policy, in which all the components of the Nation participate fully in the work of national construction and enjoy the fruits of the national development effort;

4) We welcome your commitment to accelerating decentralization, consolidating bilingualism, cultural pluralism and the indivisibility of the Republic;

5) Let us ask all Cameroonians, without any distinction, to respond favorably to Your call for the Great National Dialogue so that, together, we can meet the challenges of peace, security, national unity and economic progress and social;

6) Let us draw the attention of politicians, civil society actors, traditional authorities, religious leaders, economic operators, the diaspora, women and youth to their historic responsibility to support those to whom the Cameroonian people have, freely and massively, entrusted their destiny to guarantee peace, preserve and consolidate national unity, promote prosperity and strengthen living together;

7) Welcome the accuracy, wisdom, legitimacy and legality of the actions and measures taken over the last three years, in relation to the situation prevailing in the North West and South West regions;

8) Reaffirm our unconditional support for your peace policy through dialogue and justice, as well as diversity in unity;

9) Let us ask our friend countries and external partners to respect, in all circumstances, our sovereignty, our right to choose our way, in accordance with the Constitution of our country and the aspirations of our people;

10) Let us promise to the President of the Republic to be, from all social strata, the active relays of His message to the Nation of 10 September current;

11) Let us ask all Cameroonians, without any distinction, to be the ambassadors of the Great National Dialogue;

12) Let us appeal to compatriots lost in extremism and violence to renounce the choice of weapons and join their voices in the beautiful symphony of peace, unity and national harmony orchestrated by the President of the Republic ;

13) Assure the President of the Republic of our direct and indirect participation in the Great National Dialogue;

14) Predict a success of the Great National Dialogue at the level of the expectations of our people and the extent of the commitment of the President of the Republic;

15) Let's pray to God to bless Cameroon, to give you more wisdom, health and longevity, and to continually fill you with his blessings in the daily fulfillment of your high and exalted missions to the world. head of state for the greatest happiness of the Cameroonian people and our country as a whole.

Made in Yaoundé, the 11 September 2019

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