Michael Schumacher hospitalized in Paris: what is the role of his wife Corinna?

Victim of a ski accident occurred in 2013, Michael Schumacher is, since Monday 9 September, Hospitalized behind the walls of the Georges Pompidou European Hospital, in Paris. In a coma for six years, the former Formula 1 World Champion can count on the support of his wife, Corinna, who occupies a primary place in the management of her state of health.

Last summer, for example, it was she who spent a pharaonic sum (30 million euros) to buy a sublime villa in Mallorca, in Spain, so that the convalescence of her husband is done in the best way. Furthermore, Corinna now manages visits to Michael Schumacher. "Only a few people are allowed to visit Schumacher. His wife decides who is allowed to see him "explained Luca Badoer, a former colleague of the pilot, a few days ago.

Few people can approach Michael Schumacher but Jean Todt, the former boss of Ferrari, is one of them. "I can only say that his family takes good care of him and he continues to fight"says the latter. Precious beside her husbandCorinna Schumacher is, no doubt, not for nothing in the transfer of the former F1 star in the capital.

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