Death Stranding is just as "incomprehensible" to its creator

Hideo Kojima quips about Death Stranding and announces he does not understand the story himself.

In an interview with Britain's leading financial and financial daily Financial Times, Hideo Kojima declined to reveal new information on Death Stranding using some form of irony. The goal is to maintain a total suspense before the launch of its new production in November on PS4 staging actors like Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Léa Seydoux: "Death Stranding ... Even now, I do not understand the game. His vision of the world, his gameplay, all this is really new. My mission is to create a genre that does not exist at the moment and that will take everyone by surprise. Of course, there is a risk to that ..."

From cinema to video games, the fate of Hideo Kojima

Before going into the video game industry by joining Konami, Hideo Kojima has long hoped to work in the world of cinema. During his youth, he made several small shorts in 8 mm. Nevertheless, he never had the opportunity to live his dream. So he decided to make it via video games: "People who started telling stories through games, or approached this profession through games, are now making movies. I find it fascinating because I'm the opposite, I came to make movies and now I'm playing games (...) If you shoot from one end to the other of the screen in Metal Gear, the balls were starting to disappear because of the limited number of sprites. In retrospect, Konami was not the best place for someone like me to make movies, but I felt that the games had enormous potential. Super Mario Bros was in 2D and all Mario could do was run or jump. We just moved from left to right. The goal was right and we just jumped over anything that blocked the way. The big thing, however, was that you could play it in an infinite way, just jumping and running. From left to right. There was no depth, just pipes here and there, but it really felt like an adventure. Even with these graphics and sound, I was convinced it was going to be an amazing medium."

Death Stranding: the gameplay of Gamescom 2019

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