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If the government swears by security and the fight against jihadism at its borders, some Nigerians hope to promote another approach. Faced with terrorism, they advocate the development of tourism and a local economy based on the country's cultural wealth.

In the vicinity of Kouré, southeast of Niamey, giraffes seem to escape the daily life of Nigeriens. As if, from their altitude, they had managed to take a certain height. They walk peacefully, from trees to water points, with no other aggression than the thorns of hungry acacias. Even a few pick-up trucks seem tolerated, as if they had become familiar with them.

Their experience of men could however push them to flee. In the 1980 years, as a result of human activity, the peralta giraffes there were only about 50 people in Niger. They even anticipated their extinction. But around Kouré, the villages decided otherwise, choosing to protect them. They are now more 600 to travel the region of Dosso going back to that of Tahoua. Seventeen guides are now responsible for protecting the animal, which has become a symbol reproduced at will on draperies and clothing.

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