281 scams authors to email arrested in 10 country

A very large-scale operation led by the US Department of Justice, mainly in Niger and the United States, which resulted in the seizure of 3,7 million dollars.

Operation reWired launched by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to convict more than 200 guilty people of email scams and bank transfer frauds is detailed on Wired. The American site is based on the communicated DOJ detailing the largest operation of its kind for this type of scams while highlighting the police's desire to stem a growing threat to Internet users. The operation, which required the cooperation of various police forces for four months, resulted in the seizure of 3,7 millions of dollars and the arrest of 281 people. This operation follows the one called Wire Wire launched in 2018 which had allowed the arrest of 74 suspects around the world. While most of them came from West Africa, some perpetrators had moved around the world.

Coordinated arrests around the world

The Department of Justice document mentions arresting 167 people in Niger, 74 in the United States, 18 in Turkey, 15 in Ghana, and smaller groups or isolated actors in France, Italy, Japan, Kenya, United Kingdom. United Kingdom and Malaysia. Just three weeks ago, the DOJ announced that it had indicted 80 suspects, mainly Nigerian, in email scams and money laundering cases. In the United States, the operation involved the collaboration of the DOJ, the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury, the Department of State and the Postal Services Inspectorate. "The Ministry of Justice has stepped up its efforts with vigorous enforcement action against fraudsters targeting US citizens and their businesses," said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen.

Growing tricks

Le FBI unveiled yesterday that between June 2016 and July 2019, more than 166 000 email fraud had been declared in the United States and around the world, resulting in the loss of more than 26 billion. Between the month of October 2013 and the May 2018, these losses were estimated at 12 billion in the world, which means a criminal activity having doubled in the last twelve months. These affect the 50 US states and have affected 177 country. A former FBI analyst, Crane Hassold, now director of an independent firm, however, remains cautious about the overall impact of the operation, the actors of scams being very numerous.

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