Scientists have built artificial leaves that can turn sunlight into medicine - BGR

Our sun is an incredible and abundant source of energy that we are just beginning to learn to exploit. Plants, on the other hand, perfectly master the free energy provided by the sky, so it is natural that scientists take inspiration from this source of inspiration.

Now, a continuous effort researchers from the Eindhoven group. University of Technology has produced a new type of promising artificial sheet. Like natural leaves, artificial leaves absorb sunlight and use it to create something completely new. These mini-reactors, instead of generating fuel for a living plant, can produce drugs for humans.

on this system of artificial leaves for some time, presenting first a prototype in 2016. Now the technology has been perfected and researchers say that fake colored foliage can be used to create just about every kind of drug imaginable.

Mother Nature's signals, tiny reactors use intricate channels that flow like veins through the leaves. When the sun hits some liquids through the leaves, it triggers a chemical reaction. It is a process that would normally require electricity, corrosive chemicals, or both, but by using sunlight to fuel the production of drugs, it becomes much more sustainable.

Scientists are considering the use of such systems in places where medicine is short. it is difficult to supply and produce locally. With these advances, it would be much easier to produce antimalarial drugs in the jungle without an electricity grid.

"There are hardly any barriers to putting this technology into practice other than the fact that it only works during the day," says Timothy Noel, who leads the research. said in a statement . "Artificial leaves are perfectly scalable; where there is sun, it works. The reactors can be easily scaled and, by their inexpensive and self-contained nature, are ideally suited for the cost-effective production of sunlight chemicals. "

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