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I followed around Austin all day. Here is what happened.

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Austin Schenider is a real estate agent turned marketing specialist who aims to make brands as beautiful as they are. His team specializes in creating content around a brand's history, and his marketing company helps brands in terms of video content, brand management, trade shows, print media and global branding. Mark.

Austin has developed his marketing company directly from Instagram. He has a large and important clientele, engaged, interacting with him both online and in person. During my 36 hours with Austin in Seattle, every time we went, he had people come to say hello. They may have been real estate agents with whom he had worked in the past, his father's clients or neighbors in his home town of Kirkland, Washington.

There were two big points to remember from the video. First, I literally flew to Seattle to make this video. There was no other reason for me to be in Seattle than to follow Austin, so I was excited about the fate of the day. Here are my two biggest takeaways:

1. Be 100% authentic. These days on Instagram, it can be hard to tell who actually kills him and who just bends over the gram without really doing much in reality. So, on my trip with Austin, I * knew * that I would wake up at 3h45 to go to the gym, because Austin shows up at the gym every morning at 4h in the morning on his Instagram Story.

He does not post the picture and goes back to sleep, he goes literally until night. And I had the impression that I already knew Austin thanks to DM and his career on his page. He does not try to be someone who he is not. He is who he is and the way he shows up online and in social media is the exact way to appear in person.

2. Concentrate on building your tribe. What I've noticed about Austin is the incredible amount of engagement he receives every time he posts a picture or video. He receives a ton of comments each time he deletes a new message. And if you read the comments, it seems that everyone who comments is acquainted with Austin, is a friend with Austin, or wants to meet Austin. There are not too many "spammy" comments and there are not too many posts without comments or very few comments.

Let's face it; we live in a world where everyone can buy 15 000 followers on Instagram. But when they go post a photo, they get 34 "I like". These people do not deceive anyone.

Although I did not mention it in the video or talk about it in Austin, I sincerely believe he takes the time to contact his disciples and to talk with them to get to know them. This way, when he posts, his community is more likely to engage in its content.

Austin comes from a place of service. He usually finishes our phone calls saying, "Is there anything I can do for you?" And he really thinks so. This is reflected both in the content it produces, but more importantly, in real life and in the way it behaves on a daily basis.

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