Literature: Abdourahman Waberi signs his most autobiographical novel -

Why do you dance when you walk? of Abdourahman Waberi, JC Lattès, 250 pages, 19 euros ©

This twelfth novel of Abdurahman Waberi, with a cover of a portrait of him with his daughter, is the most autobiographical of all.

Poetic, the title of Waberi's new book is a question asked by little Bea from her six years: "Why do you dance when you walk? Noting the chaotic approach of her father, she looks at him as an artist evolving in rhythm while the approach of others, always identical, is formatted. "The children in my neighborhood call me the Gringalet or the Avorton. [...] This past has been my prison. Now I want to free myself from it, "says Aden Robleh, dragging his daughter into the labyrinths of his memory.

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