Parsley, a good renal drainer

The kidneys are one of five emunctory organs. They regularly need to be cleaned. Parsley does it in a natural way.

Kidneys accumulate toxins and in particular salt, which is often consumed in too great a quantity. In order for them to properly evacuate the waste from the body, they need to function well. Parsley can help them.

How to make an infusion of homemade parsley?

For drain the waste accumulated in the kidneys, just to drink, every day, a ga glass of parsley infusion. To make the house, you need: 1 bunch of parsley dish, 1 liter of mineral water or spring.

Then wash, dry the parsley. Chuck it finely. Boil the water.

When you boil, discard the parsley. Let it boil under cover 10 minutes. Let cool. Filter and pour the infusion into a bottle that you will keep in the refrigerator.