Video Game - "Katanga: The River of Souls", Congo Sauce SF -

In Katanga: The River of Souls, the sets were made after careful documentary research. © photos: isart digital

"Katanga: The River of Souls" offers a (too) short horrifying adventure, between science fiction and bloody immersion in the country's colonial past.

To manage to treat the colonial problem in Africa in a video game while inserting elements of science-fiction is a challenge. Yet it is the successful bet of Katanga: The River of Souls, which proceeds, in a setting early twentieth century, a critique of Belgian colonization in Congo mixing history and dystopia.

This extraordinary game has been developed by students from the Parisian Isart Digital School. It takes place in a heavy atmosphere. While an immense creature with horns, born of the Belgian experiments, surveys the rooms of warehouses located on docks, the objective of the player is to join a boat of freight on which is a strange machine. This "Soul Extractor", named Leopoldine, is used to produce a new energy, necessary for the operation of the industry.

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