African Games 2019: Cameroon beats Morocco, 3-1

Cameroon had to face Morocco, the host country of the 2019 African Games, to give themselves the chance to play the grand final. If Morocco has made much progress in women's football, the match still seemed within the reach of the Indomitable Lionesses even if his opponent has made a no-fault in all three group games. Cameroon, for being second in its pool, had to compete with the host country. The meeting will require extensions. If at the end of the regulation time, the score is a goal everywhere with a realization of Takounda at the 65e minute, the Lionesses will take off in the second half.

Aboudi will score the goal of the win at 100e minute before Kameni closes the score 12 minutes later.

The Lionesses have an appointment in the final.

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