Jair Bolsonaro makes fun of Brigitte Macron's physique

French President Emmanuel Macron and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at a meeting of the G20 summit in Osaka, 28 June 2019. (JACQUES WITT / AFP)

The Brazilian education minister has, in parallel, insulted the French president on Twitter, calling him "opportunistic cretin". Statements that may reignite a little more tension between Brasilia and Paris.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro endorsed Sunday Facebook's 25 an offensive comment for Brigitte Macron, while one of his ministers was treating Emmanuel Macron of "Opportunistic cretin".

These unprecedented attacks mark a sharp escalation in the tensions between Brasilia and Paris, brightened in recent days by the pressure exerted by France, which received the summit of G7, Jair Bolsonaro for action against the dramatic fires in the Amazon.

"Do not embarrass the guy"

Bolsonaro reacted to a post that made fun of the physique of the first French lady - appearing on a disadvantageous photo - by comparing it to that of Michelle Bolsonaro (37 years), radiant on the day of the investiture of her husband.

"You understand now why Macron persecutes Bolsonaro? " we read next to photos of the two presidential couples. "It's Macron's jealousy, I bet", writes the user, Rodrigo Andreaça.

"Do not blame the guy - MDR ["Death of laughter"] », commented President Bolsonaro in reference to his French counterpart.

Asked by AFP whether this post had been published by the head of state himself, a spokesman for Planalto's presidential palace simply replied: "We do not comment. "

source: https: //www.nouvelobs.com/monde/20190826.OBS17546/jair-bolsonaro-se-moque-du-physique-de-brigitte-macron.html