In 15 days, the Cameroonian company Camair-Co has transported 2000 passengers on its new line "Trans-ally"

(Invest in Cameroon) - Two weeks after launching "Transahélienne", Line that can serve the cities of Maroua and Ngaoundéré from Garoua airport, in the northern part of Cameroon, Camair-Co has transported 2000 passengers. This revelation is contained in a letter addressed to the chairman of the board of directors (PCA) of the public airline, Jean Ernest Ngallé Bibéhé, by the company's general manager, Louis Georges Njipendi Kouotou.

The opening of this line and the enthusiasm of passengers should help boost the performance of Camair-Co, which, according to the general direction, seem to resume the upward trend in recent months. Indeed, reveals the general manager in his correspondence addressed to the PCA, the turnover of the company went from 341 million FCFA to 937 million FCFA from May to July 2019. This corresponds to an increase of more than 150%.

The performances achieved on theTransahélienne"Augurs even more interesting results in the coming months, as the three northern regions of Cameroon are the main market for domestic air transport, according to official statistics.

Indeed, according to the aeronautical authority, during the year 2016, the airports of Garoua and Maroua-Salak (the statistics of the Ngaoundéré airport have not been revealed) are worth to themselves 38% domestic flights of Camair-Co, thus outperforming the two most important airports of the country that are Yaoundé-Nsimalen (37%) and Douala (27%).

According to the statistics presented by the company itself, Camair-Co carried approximately 343 000 passengers during the 2018 year of which 104 000 was transported on the northern lines, more than 30% of the overall volume of passengers transported throughout the year 2018.


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