India: Be careful when sharing social media posts: Pranab Mukherjee | India News

KOLKATA: Affirming that print journalism had the greatest impact on readers, said the former president Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday, highlighting the need to share information on social media while stressing the importance of checking the facts.
Speaking at a media awards ceremony, Mukherjee said people should be careful when sharing information on social media.
"Many social and communal tensions stem from rumors shared on social networks by malicious people. Even those who innocently share such messages become parties to the act, "said the winner of the Bharat Ratna Award.
Affirming that he has great confidence in the print media Mukherjee told reporters that every time he reads newspapers, he was assured that the report had been edited and verified, which is not the case with social media publications.
"That's why we have to be very careful when we share information on social networks," he said.
Mukherjee said that even though the means of disseminating information had evolved from scribbled notes to typewriters to cell phones, objectivity should not be compromised.
"You (journalists) can be free to express your views as an individual in the editorial, but please remain objective in the news," he said.
Mukherjee said journalists can look at information from different angles and from different angles, but they should not mix their own points of view when presenting the facts.
Mukherjee, stressing the role played by the media in defending democratic ideas and the Constitution, said the media was the "fourth pillar of democracy" and held the other three pillars accountable to the people.
"Great power involves great responsibilities," said this older statesman of 83.
He describes Bengal as "the cradle of Indian journalism", where the first Indian newspaper "Hicky's Bengal Gazette" is published in 1780.
"Journalism plays an exemplary role in our social revival and the struggle for freedom of the country," Mukherjee said in the Media Awards feature.
PTI photojournalists Swapan Mahapatra and Ashok Bhaumik won the best photojournalist awards in the news and feature categories.
Tamaghna Banerjee (Times of India), Shyam Gopal Roy (Ei Samay) and Vishal Shreshtha (Dainik Jagran) are among the other journalists awarded in the category "general information".
Veteran journalist Manojit Mitra won the Sumit Sen Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award.

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