Princess Diana shocked: Diana's secret nickname for Prince Harry revealed his true thoughts

The first son of Princess Diana Prince William immediately sits on the throne after the British prince Charles. While William was still raised as future King of Britain, his younger brother Prince Harry was considered less important in royal circles. Diana, Princess of Wales, was not afraid to question the status quo.

Diana, Princess of Wales, had never been afraid of ignoring tradition. she questioned the relevance of the British monarchy at the Christmas dinner with the Queen

In 1995, she gave an explosive television interview to the BBC Panorama program in which she spoke openly. asked Prince Charles about his fitness to be king.

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Princess Diana shock: Diana's secret nickname for Prince Harry revealed his true thoughts (Image: GETTY)

When asked if she believed Princess Diana said, "There was always conflict over this with him when we discussed it, and I understood this conflict because it is a very demanding role, being Prince of Wales, but it's an equally demanding role. to be king.

"And being Prince of Wales produces more freedom now, and being king would be a little more suffocating.

"And because I know the character, I would think that the highest job, as I call it, would bring him enormous limits, and I do not know if he could adapt to that. "

On the other hand, Diana's secret nickname for Prince Harry seems to indicate who, in his opinion, would be better able to be king one day.

Princess Diana shock

Princess Diana shock: Diana had a secret nickname for Harry (Image: GETTY)

Princess Diana shock

Princess Diana shock: Diana has never publicly confirmed what she thought was right for William (Image: GETTY)

in Channel 5 program William & Harry: Princes At War? UK correspondent Robert Jobson clarified what Diana thought of the estate.

Mr. Jobson says that Diana thought Harry would make a better king than his big brother and that he even got a special nickname because of that.

Mr. Jobson said, "She was referring to Harry as GKH (Good King Harry) because she thought he would probably be better equipped than William for the role he would play in the future."

However, before her death in 1997 Diana never publicly confirmed what she thought was good for William's future.

Princess Diana shock

Princess Diana shock: Princess Diana was separated from Charles when she gave an explosive Panorama interview (Image: GETTY)

When asked if the title of king was to go directly to William during the interview with Panorama, Diana said, "Well, then you must see that William is very young right now, so would you Do you have such a burden on your shoulders at such an age? I can not answer that question. "

Her premature and tragic death in 1997 saw her elevated to sacred levels by the British public and her then Prime Minister Tony Blair dubbed her "the princess of the people".

William was barely 15 years old when Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris.

Prince William and Prince Harry had always been close in childhood, but were bound by their sorrow after the death of their mother.

H However, the princes seem to have separated from each other in recent years and Channel 5's new documentary speaks of a gap between the two brothers.

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